Colorado Rhodesian Ridgeback Rescue

Colorado Rhodesian Ridgeback Rescue

.:: Akia ::.

Akia is a Ridgeback mix with a very pretty, expressive face. When she was 10 months old, some great folks brought her down to us from a kill shelter in WY. We got her spayed and into a foster home and found out that she is a very sweet girl, a little afraid from all the changes she had been through, but loving and trusting with those who were kind to her. Now she has been adopted and has a great forever home, and those days of being scared and hungry are over!

.:: Ally ::.

Ally (now Zula) went to live with a couple who live a quiet life and one that will be devoted to caring for and loving this endearing and gentle ridgeback. Recently diagnosed with heart worm, Zula is undergoing treatment and we are all confident she will fully recover and continue to live life to the fullest.

.:: Ally ::.

Ally went to her new home in the city! From initial reports, she seems to have fit right in with her new guardians and their RR mix, Maynard. Once timid and so shy, she is blossoming into a playful and outgoing dog, always ready for a new adventure.

.:: Angus ::.

Great News! Angus' foster family has decided they simply cannot part with him and have decided to give him a home for the rest of his life! This is their second ridgeback from Colorado RR Rescue and we know Angus can look forward to a life filled with love and new adventures--just as dear Louie did.

.:: Annakiya ::.

Anakiya was adopted by a couple who live in the mountains and had been waiting for just the right dog. They adore her and feel she is the perfect dog for them. In April '09 they emailed: Our Annakiya is still running strong, almost 10 now, and you would think she was 5 again! The mountain air and long hikes have kept her spirit going strong!

.:: Arlo ::.

Arlo found his forever home with a young couple from Colorado Springs who plan on moving back to Pittsburg in November when the husband leaves the service and his wife begins teaching at the University of Pittsburg. Arlo will have as companions, three cats. From testing him with cats while he was in foster, he seemed to show no interest in them at all, so we hope they will all end up as friends!

.:: Ava ::.

Thanks to Dan Mong, our wonderful foster guardian, Ava learned to have manners around other dogs and once again became the wonderful ridgeback we had originally known five years ago. A family in New Jersey fell in love with her photo and after many phone calls and interviews, relatives drove to Denver to take her to her new home. The family is head-over-heels in love with Ava and she with them A story-book ending for a very special ridgeback!

.:: Aza ::.

Aza went to live with Greg and Shireen Connor in Black Forest. They live on five acres in a lovely, country home. The Connors are very knowledgeable and experienced with the ridgeback mentality and temperament, having had Buster, a ridgeback very similar to Aza, for many years.

.:: Beatrice ::.

Bea and 2 other Ridgebacks were living on their own when some folks intervened on their behalf and got them into our rescue program. She was only 18 months old and very timid and shy of humans, but with love and affection she blossomed into a happy tail.

.:: Bella ::.

Bella came into rescue as a 12 wk old puppy, birthdate 08-17-07, and of course, she was (and is) adorable. A purebred Ridgeback, Bella was an impulse purchase because she was so cute, and to their credit, her owners turned her over to rescue when they realized they could not put in the amount of time and work that raising a puppy takes. Bella found a wonderful home with a couple who have the time and knowledge needed to provide socialization and careful training. They will help her learn all the things a big dog needs to know and love her a lot!

.:: Bella ::.

Bella loves the couple who adopted her and they, in turn, are thrilled with her. She continues to flourish and thrive on their undivided attention with playtime and walks high on her list of favorite things to do.

.:: Bellamy ::.

Bellamy (now Tyson) found the family I'm sure he always dreamed about and they found each other at just the right moment. The family's beloved ridgeback had just recently died and they could not bear the thought of having another dog--until they met Tyson. Of course he would never replace the dog that died, but here was another rescue that needed them, along with all the love they still had left over after their loss. The last I heard Tyson has not even attempted to jump their six-foot fence, something he was prone to do!

.:: Belushi ::.

Belushi (now Ballou) went to live the life of a country gentleman, east of Colorado Springs. Surrounded by other dogs, cats, horses, and a wonderful couple to dote on him, he's in Seventh Heaven!

.:: BEN and MARTHA ::.

Ben and Martha went to live with a couple, their new baby and two small dogs in a mountain cabin west of Black Hawk. Here they will have plenty of room to roam and play outdoors when not making sure their family is safe.

.:: Benny ::.

Benny is a very handsome purebred Ridgeback, 4 1/2 years old when he came into rescue. He is well behaved, sweet, and laid back.We knew Benny would make the most perfect dog in the right home, and his new family will tell you he is indeed the perfect dog for them.

.:: Biscuit ::.

Biscuit was one of 5 Coonhound/RR mixes that the Alamosa shelter asked CRRR to help place. Biscuit was adopted by a wonderful woman from Utah, an old friend of rescue, and is learning all the things big dogs need to know.

.:: Blossom ::.

Blossom is a purebred with a great ridge and is just the sweetest, most absolutely adorable little girl you would ever want to see. She is another pet shop puppy that we bought because she was so sick we were afraid she would die there. She was about 10 weeks old and mostly recovered from a nasty bout of pneumonia when the pictures were taken. She had become a face licking, lap climbing little clown. Blossom deserved a home where she will never be neglected again, with loving people who could help her learn all the things big dogs need to know. Exactly the right home applied for her, but they were a long way from CO. The heroic father of her new family drove half-way and the heroic husband of a CRRR volunteer drove half-way to meet him. Now she is safe and sound, loved by two little girls, and will be a happy tail the rest of her days.

.:: Bo ::.

Big Bo found a forever home with a wonderful couple who will spoil him rotten, love him a lot, and help him be the best boy he can be. He is a "happy tail".

.:: Bodie ::.

Bodie is a beautiful Ridgeback who was dumped in a shelter "because he is destructive". With attention and exercise, he was not destructive in his foster home. Bodie proved to be very sweet, very well mannered, and even good with cats. He was adopted by a loving home with another big RR to play with, and is now living the good life.

.:: Bridget ::.

Just a little puppy when she came into rescue, Bridget was 5 months old on July 17, 2008. Non-stop playing and finding new things to chew, with only a couple of short naps in between, is how Bridget loved to spend her days. Her foster family did a wonderful job helping her learn the things big dogs need to know, and she was adopted by the perfect family for her. The lump on Bridget's left fron leg is an hygroma, which already has improved with the good care she is being given.

.:: Brodie ::.

Brodie is the now the constant companion of a man who is very Ridgeback savvy and understands a very smart, headstrong dog. A perfect match!

.:: Buddy ::.

Thanks to Mill Rescue and Theresa Strader, Buddy was accepted into the Colorado prison training program and will be put through an extensive course in obedience with a prisoner, in a one-on-one relationship. Once he "graduates," he will be placed in a perfect, forever home. Only very special dogs with the right temperament and intelligence are allowed to participate in this incredible program. It is truly a win-win endeavor for both the prisoners and the dogs.

.:: Bunji ::.

Bunji, now Bailey, went to live with a family in Evergreen, a lovely mountain home where she can join the family in hiking, camping and enjoying the outdoors--her favorite pastime.

.:: Buster ::.

Buster is a handsome ridgeless Ridgeback mix, very Ridgeback in appearance and coat. He was about 4 years old, 24 to 25 inches at the shoulder, and weighs about 75 pounds when he came into our rescue program. Buster had an injury to his tail that would not heal, and his tail had to be amputated. He still wags his tail like crazy; he wags so hard his whole body wags. He is a people-focused dog and all he needed was a loving home to be a very happy tail.

.:: Camo ::.

Sweet Camo is a RR/Cattle Dog mix with a ridge, "the Ridgeback in the clown suit". He found a wonderful home with a loving couple who will take hime for runs and to obedience class, and play fetch with him. He is great with the three cats in the home and is all set for the good life at last.

.:: Candy ::.

Candy is a pretty 3 yr old Lab/RR mix without a ridge, about 62 lbs and 22 inches at the shoulder. She is a happy girl who is playful, affectionate, and smart. She even knows a few tricks,like "shake" and "sit pretty". Candy found a home with a young couple and a 3 year old who all adore her. She is very good and gentle with the little girl and has settled in nicely.

.:: Celine ::.

Celine found her forever home with a couple and their two young boys. She will enjoy a life filled with outdoor activities and plenty of time to romp and play at a vacation home in the mountains.

.:: Chaco ::.

Chaco (formerly known as Cutter) is a two-year-old purebred RR with a sweet disposition, who had some major seperation anxiety issues. We had some false starts in finding the right home for him but once we understood his needs, the perfect loving home appeared for him! He is now living in a home where he is seldom without human companionship and always has his new RR sister with him. His goofy and playful nature has surfaced and he is truly a happy tail.

.:: Charley ::.

Charley has found his forever home with a young couple and their two children. They spend a lot of time traveling, camping, and jogging--Charley's very favorite activities! It was mutual love at first sight. Charley's happy ending is what makes rescuing these wonderful creatures so worthwhile.

.:: Charlie ::.

Charlie was adopted by a wonderful couple who will give him undivided attention which is really what he craves. He will be a member of the family, joining them on camping trips, hikes, and family outings. A great home for a super dog!

.:: Chester ::.

Chester (now Bentley) went to live with an ultra-marathon runner and his wife. What a perfect home! If there's one thing Bentley loves above everything, it's RUNNING!

.:: Chloe ::.

Chloe went to live on a 120-acre ranch with four other rescue ridgebacks. There she will be free to roam and run to her heart's content. The rancher and his family are dedicated to the well-being of the dogs he has adopted from us and they are all treated with love and respect.

.:: Chrissie ::.

Chrissie was adopted by Crystal Patterson and her two roommates. They absolutely love her despite her little quirks and will give her all the care and attention she deserves.

.:: Clancy ::.

Clancy was a wonderful purebred baby who somehow ended up in a shelter at 6 months old. He found a home with some great folks who have a lot of love and time for him and can help him learn all the things a big dog needs to know.

.:: Clooney ::.

Clooney has found the perfect home. Kathy Doll, her fiancee, Nick, and grown kids just adore him. He is already best buds with the two greyhounds and carefully ignores the cat. The family makes frequent visits to Chatfield, his favorite place, and from the first day, he stays close by. Since we fostered, he has lost 6 pounds and Kathy promises to continue his weight loss program.

.:: Cody ::.

Cody's owner grew impatient with the adoption process and took him to a shelter. We are so thankful that he found a home through the shelter.

.:: Cooper ::.

Cooper now lives in Trinidad with his new family, a wonderful lady and her two dogs. He is so happy!!!

.:: Copper ::.

Copper is a BIG boy, a four year old purebred Rhodesian Ridgeback that is 31 inches at the shoulder and 125 lbs. Copper was tearfully surrendered to rescue by a young couple who found he could not adapt to life with a toddler. He found a place in some BIG hearts - the couple who adopted him will take him on lots of walks, play with him, and love him. He has a great back yard to play in and a comfy dog bed to sleep beside his new "Dad". This sweet klutz will have a good life.

.:: Copper ::.

Copper (half brother of Ryssby) is a purebred ridgeback that came to rescue from a very loving environment, where the previous owner was forced to give them up due to a medical condition. He is a very affectionate dog and loooooooooves affection in return. He would be happy to be a lap dog if 95 lb lap dogs were feasible. Ryssby and Copper had been together their whole lives. They found a loving home together with a woman who has a heart big enough for both of them, and they are happy tails again.

.:: Cutty ::.

Cutty went to live with a young college student and the last we heard, they are inseparable.

.:: Daisy ::.

Daisy is a pretty little girl with an amazing ridge. She looks like a double sized Shiba Inu with a ridge. She has a foxy face with amber eyes and a liver nose, and her tail is carried up and curly when she is happy. Amazingly, she is good with cats, and she found a wonderful home with a couple who think she is the perfect dog (just as her foster family did!) She has an enormus malamute brother and two cat siblings to play with, a dog door to run in and out of, and lots of walks and love. She really is a "happy tail" these days!

.:: Daisy ::.

Sweet Daisy has been adopted by a wonderful couple who will take her to their shop every day. She can hang out with them and let customers admire her. As she gets older she will start running with them. What a happy tail for this little princess!

.:: Daisy ::.


.:: Daisy ::.

Daisy was adopted by an active couple who will provide her with all the exercise and play time she loves!

.:: Delilah ::.

Delilah is a mix who was about one year old when she came into rescue. She appears to have Basenji and some Lab in her mix. She loves to entertain herself with a ball, tossing it up and catching it, and is an athletic little girl. She found a good home with a young woman and is now her companion and running partner, a happy tail indeed.

.:: Duke ::.

Duke was adopted by a wonderful family who are very RR savvy, and now he has a chance to be happy and loved. We are very happy for this great dog.

.:: Dupree ::.

Dupree went to live with a family that already has a shepherd/ridgeback mix named Champ. The two dogs hit it off instantly and it was obvious they would be best buds. Dupree has a huge yard in which to romp and will also be accompanying his new guardian to work at various building sites. We could not have wished for a happier ending for this special little ridgeback.

.:: Eddie ::.

Eddie is a RR/lab mix and one of the sweetest dogs in the world. At one year old he was rescued from a shelter where his time had run out. He was adopted by a wonderful couple who think he is the perfect dog. There are two cats for him to cuddle with and steal toys from. He gets to go to work with his new "dad", he gets to spend quality time with his new "mom", and he has 70 acres to roam on. What a good life for him!

.:: Elliot ::.

Elliot was adopted by a couple and their young Foxhound, who is clearly Elliot's match when it comes to energy and playfulness. What a great life for this young fellow!

.:: Emma ::.

How wonderful for Emma: she was adopted by her foster guardians and can now stay with the family that has grown to love this very special dog. 3/14 After two years, Emma's foster guardians could no longer care for her and once again she was up for adoption. She has finally found her forever home with a lady, her son, and granddaughter, Haley. It looks like Haley and Emma will be inseparable, providing them both with that special bond only dogs can provide.

.:: Farrah ::.

Farrah, a ridgeless RR/Whippet mix, is now known as Lily. She has been adopted by a young woman and her fiance who were just the right people to be loving and patient with her and help her become more confident. She is now a happy tail.

.:: Fenn ::.

Fenn was only 6 months old when he came into rescue, yet most of his life was spent as a stray until a good Samaritan picked him up and turned him over to rescue. A very smart and engaging little boy, Fenn is now at home with a couple and their two beautiful children. He spends his time playing and going for long walks in the parks that surround their home.

.:: Finn ::.

Finn (now Casey) went to live in Colorado Springs with a great lady. She will be pampered and spoiled the rest of her life and that is exactly what she deserves!

.:: Francis ::.

Francis found a forever home with a wonderful couple who drove all the way from their home in an eastern state, with their dogs, to meet him. We do not usually adopt out of state, but made the exception for this family. Francis is now settled in and loves his new people.

.:: George ::.

George went to live in Rush, Colorado with a young man who works for the Colorado Conservancy, an environmental agency. With 55,000 acres in which to roam, George, with his new sister, Emmylou, can run and play without ever running out of space. We will miss this little guy who touched the hearts of everyone he met.

.:: Georgia ::.

Georgia (now Asha) is staying with her foster mom. It was just impossible to give her up. With a huge yard, daily walks, and camping in the summer, Asha is one happy ridgeback!

.:: Greta ::.

Greta found a wonderful home with a vet student who can give her the training and structure she needs to be a great dog. she is loved and is living the good life!

.:: Gus ::.

After Gus was surrendered, he had quite a rough time adapting to life without his family. He was so fortunate to have the perfect family find and embrace him totally into their lives. And what could be a more perfect place for a dog to live than Vail! Now surrounded by love from a dog savvy couple and their two adorable little girls, his days are spent hiking mountain trails, playing with his buddies in the neighborhood, and endless rides in the van ferrying the girls to events in the Village and periodic road trips. Welcome home, Gus!

.:: Heidi ::.

Heidi was adopted by her foster family. They could not bear the thought of giving her up!

.:: Hershey ::.

Sweet, gentle, and beautiful, Hershey was loved and was only surrendered by her old family because family changes kept them from taking care of her like she needed. She found a great new home with a loving family. She is careful and gentle with the younger boy and she and the teenage girl fell in love at first sight. Hershey is loved like she was in her old home, and now she has a family that can spend lots of time with her. This is truly one of the heartwarming stories of rescue.

.:: Holly Bear ::.

Holly is a 6 year old Ridgeback mix without a ridge. She is a big girl, about 80 lbs, leading to her nickname of "Holly Bear". Holly is a really nice dog, smart, gentle, and willing to please with humans. However, she has dominance issues with other female dogs or dominant males. She found a great home as the only dog with a young woman who is thrilled to have such a loving, devoted companion.

.:: Hooch ::.

Hooch is a wonderful little mix (33lbs) who was about 3 when she came into rescue from a kill shelter to the east of CO. She is a very good, engaging little girl, and she found a great home where she can play ball and wag her happy tail.

.:: Hunter ::.

After so much time and so many homes, Hunter has finally come home to live with a couple and their Ridgeback, Sophie. It's tough making another transition yet again, but Hunter is trying his best and gaining confidence that this will be his final destination.

.:: Jaeger ::.

Jaeger is a handsome, sweet purebred RR who was about 6 when he came into rescue. His wonderful new owners love him and have worked hard with his seperation anxiety. They adopted a beautiful female to complete their family, and he loves her company. He is truly a happy tail.

.:: Jasiri ::.

Jasiri is a beautiful, sweet mix who was rescued from a kill shelter at about one year old by a good samaritan. She brought him to rescue so we could find him a good home, and a wonderful couple adopted him, who already had a dog of about the same age and size. They have been best friends since the moment they met, and Jasiri is truly a happy tail now.

.:: Joker ::.

Joker was adopted by an absolutely amazing family, and he and their German Shepherd are best buddies already. We are so happy that this great dog found a dog-savvy family that can help him learn all the things he did not learn living on the streets. He is a happy tail now.

.:: Kahala ::.

Kahala found a wonderful home with a couple, their two teen age kids, and a huge mastiff/great dane named Atlas.

.:: Karma ::.

Karma (now Kinsa) found her new home with a couple living in Grand Junction. As a puppy, she has much to learn and they are willing to commit their time and energy to help her evolve into a well-mannered and trained adult RR.

.:: Keena ::.

Keena went to live with a new guardian who already has two ridgebacks. His new home is in the country where he has plenty of room to play and roam.

.:: Kenda ::.

Beautiful Kenda is happily dispensensing kisses in a home with her new "dad", who works from home a lot and gives her lots of attention. She gets to go running, play in the yard, go on camping trips, and just live the perfect life for a perfect dog.

.:: Kennedy ::.

kennedy has been adopted by a couple with a young son. The moment they saw him, they fell in love--and the feeling was mutual. He now enjoys long walks and constant companionship in his forever home.

.:: Kilene ::.

Sweet, smart Kilene is a Vizsla /RR mix found wandering in Nebraska with her rear leg missing. Kilene tail-wagged her way into the hearts of all who met her. She was adopted by a wonderful couple and she is the constant companion of her new mom. She gets to chase toys, go on walks, and snuggle with her new dad to watch football games. We are so happy to see her in such a loving home!!

.:: Layla ::.

Layla, a smart, loving little mix, was adopted by a wonderful young woman who is truly one of the best, most commited dog owners we have ever seen. Layla is truly a happy tail now.

.:: Lennox ::.

Lennox was about 2 when he was surrendered to Rescue along with his 14 year old buddy Cowboy. Cowboy will stay with his foster family the rest of his life and be well loved and cared for. Lennox's foster mom described him as having a heart of gold and being the kindest Ridgeback she had ever met. Lennox found a wonderful home with a musical family. He greets his mom's music students, goes to the dog park, and he is now a truly happy tail.

.:: Lenny ::.

Lenny went to live with a very active young couple in El Paso County. Along with a husky/boxer mix, Lenny will be kept very busy with jogging, hiking, and playing--exactly the kind of life he could only imagine before.

.:: Leo ::.

Leo is a wonderful 1 yr ol lab/RR mix who came to us from a small town shelter where his time was up. Leo was such an engaging and sweet boy that he was only in foster for a few days before he was adopted. Now known as Booker T., he is living the good life (as you can see from the pictures, he is quite the couch potato) with his new dog sister Hattie (also adopted from rescue).

.:: Lily ::.

Lily was 3 when she came into rescue, a lovely liver nosed Ridgeback. She had been kept in a crate and used for breeding. She was shy and unsocialized, but she came along beautifully once she started living the life of a well-loved dog instead of a puppy machine. She was adopted by a wonderful couple who had previously adopted from us, and now the two Ridgebacks are fast friends, and Lily is living the good life. What a happy tail for sweet Lily!

.:: Logan ::.

Logan is a handsom guy who was 10 years old when he was surrendered to resue by his former owner. He was very healthy except for his teeth, which had been neglected, so while in rescue he had extensive dental work. Once that was taken care of he became a young dog again, running and playing with the other dogs in his foster home. He waa adopted by a wonderful family who had previously adopted one of the Redbone/RR puppies, and now he is a truly happy tail.

.:: Looey ::.

Looey is a handsome, sweet RR who was adopted as a puppy and then returned to rescue at 5 years old after his family adopted a toddler. Lucky Looey is now called Louis (pronouned Looey in the the French manner :-) His new family loves him a lot and is giving him the life of reilly - runs, visits to the park, and lots of loving attention. Monsieur Louis is a happy tail now!

.:: Lucy ::.

Lucy is a beautiful, loyal, and loving Ridgeback who was 5 years old when she was adopted by a loving family. She is now truly a happy tail.

.:: Macey ::.

Macey came to rescue starved for food and affection, 20 lbs under her ideal weight of 70 lbs. Once she had been brought back to health and good condition, this big, active girl found a home with some wonderful people who have a Dane/RR Mix for her to play with and who enjoy this beautiful girl. She is a happy tail now.

.:: Mack ::.

Mack found his forever home with a young couple and their two children. He joins Charlie, a Ridgeback mix adopted two years ago. A happy ending for a great dog!

.:: Madison AKA Maya ::.

Madison was about a year old when she came into rescue, and is purebred although ridgeless. She has the legs of a gazelle and the body, head, and attitude of a Ridgeback. Madison, now known as Maya, is having a great time in her new home, as you can see in these pics of her with her new RR sister, Rina. (Maya in black collar, Rina in red). The other dog in the middle picture is a friend who came to visit. Maya is still a puppy in many ways, and she gets Rina playing and having fun with her. (In the third picture, in case you don't know RRs, they are playing, not trying to kill each other!) Maya loves her new "dad" and her sister Rina and she is definitely a happy tail now.

.:: Marshall ::.

Marshall found his new home and loves being surrounded by a loving family, mom, dad, and two young daughters. There's also Bella, a little pug/rat terrier with whom he is learning to play. Going for jogs is going to be a big part of his life and he has already shown he is great at keeping pace.

.:: Maylee ::.

Maylee went to her forever home with Michelle and Dave Stewart. She will accompany Dave to work every day and on weekends there will be plenty of time for hiking and camping.

.:: Misty ::.

Misty is a Spaniel/RR mix who is wonderful with humans but not so good with other dogs. She found a home with an amazing couple who are happy to let her be the only dog and the ruler of the roost. She is living the good life!

.:: Mo/Elvis ::.

Mo is a mix with a beautiful "mohawk" ridge. He had a very hard life until he came into rescue. He ran loose, scrounged for food, and ended up in a pound. He was heartworm positive when he came into rescue and required extended treatment for that. Mo is an exceptionally smart dog who needed the right home to teach him how to live a settled life. Mo is now living with a couple who really love him and he is doing great!

.:: Molly ::.

Molly was saved from a shelter, and we knew right away that she would be a good match for a great family that was looking for a sibling for their RR mix Rocky. It wasn't exactly love at first sight, but now she and Rocky are inseperable. We recently (11/09) got some great new pictures from them, with a letter letting us know how much she is loved. This happy ending is what makes all the heartbreak of rescue worthwhile. Molly is the dog on the left in all the pictures with her buddy/brother Rocky.

.:: Molly/Elle Mae ::.

Molly (AKA Elle Mae) was one of 5 Coonhound/RR mixes that the Alamosa shelter asked CRRR to help place. She was adopted by a wonderful couple in Broomfield and is learning all the things big dogs need to know. She has made huge strides in trusting people since moving in with them and has become a happy puppy and loves playing with her lab mix big sister Derby!

.:: Molly/Ollie/Dolly ::.

Molly was in rescue for such a short time, we never even got a chance to take pictures! She was rescued from a shelter and we immediately thought she would be perfect for a very dog-savvy and sensible applicant who was looking for just the right dog to join their family, including a RR mix they had rescued from a shelter. Just recently we had an email from them. Both dogs are doing great, and Molly is a happy tail.

.:: Mr Pink ::.

Mr. Pink was adopted by his foster home. Thanks to Camp BowWow for facilitating this adoption after he was given up by his owners.

.:: Murphy ::.

Murphy is a very handsome liver-nosed boy, with the beautiful amber eyes that go with the liver-nose coloration and a nice ridge; the pictures do not do him justice. He is about 90 pounds, lean and tall; he is 4 years old, and a really nice boy. He minds well, walks well on a leash, and has good manners in the house. He is a love bug with humans. Murph found a wonderful home with RR experience that can give him lots of love, and he will have a happy ever after tail!

.:: Nala/Shelby ::.

Nala is a three year old Rhodesian Ridgeback / Anatolian Shepherd mix.. a big girl at 27in. tall and 85lbs. She found a home with a loving family and 2 kids who keep her very busy!

.:: Natasha ::.

Natasha (Tashi) was adopted by a couple who adopted another RR from Rescue many years ago. One look at Tashi and they fell in love and decided that Piper, their current RR needed a new playmate.

.:: Nikki ::.

Sweet loving Nikki found a home with a great young couple who spoil her totally but also take her to obedience class and are helping her be the great dog she is meant to be. She loves to go hiking in the mountains!

.:: Nugget ::.

Nugget is a big happy-go-lucky mix. He is truly a special boy and it was obvious that with the right owner he would be one of those dogs who is remembered for all of his owner's life as "the best dog I ever had". He was adopted by a wonderful couple who took him to live in the mountains, and he is a happy tail now.

.:: Nyah ::.

Nyah is a pure bred 4 year old RR who somehow ended up unclaimed in a shelter. Some wonderful folks rescued her from there and brought her to rescue. She found a home with a wonderful dad who takes her running with him, and Nyah loves to show off how fast she can run! Her new French Bulldog brother is learning to share the couch and their dad. This princess has found her castle.

.:: Odin ::.

Odin is a handsome liver-nosed boy. He is 25-26 inches at the shoulder and about 85lbs. Odin has very good manners and is a pleasure to walk and to have in the house. He does have some food agression issues. Odin was adopted by a dog-savvy single man who is well able to work with his food issues and sees him for the wonderful boy he is.

.:: Okemo ::.

Okemo was just a little puppy when she was found as a stray and ended up in a shelter in Hutchinson, Kansas. Luckily for her Hutchinson is an amazing town with a shelter director and volunteers who love animals; she was well socialized and a very loving, happy, puppy when she came into rescue at about 4 months old....The top picture is Okemo when she first got to us, the middle picture is after she came to live with Alec in April 2009, and the third picture is Okemo/now Zuri in May of 2009. Here is what her new family says about this wonderful, personality plus little girl. "We love our Zuri! And she seems to love her new home very much. Although she has her own wicker bed, she prefers to share with Alec, her two-legged 12 year old best friend. Zuri loves to run as fast as she can for no apparent reason other than she just loves to run and has plenty of space to do so next to her home in the mountains. She is so fast and flexible, we believe agility to be a sport she might enjoy very much. Zuri spends week-ends at the ballpark, and has a made many good dog & people friends there. She's a growing girl, now up to 45 lbs with lots of ridgeback and some mystery traits as well. One day soon a DNA test may reveal what many have attempted to guess. Zuri also loves toys, toys, and more toys. We fill her basket, and she still manages to add to it (a bit of a thief). Zuri has a great personality, is very smart, and loves life! We're so happy she's part of our family. Thank you, CRRR for finding Zuri (formerly Okemo), and to Inge, Sahara & Phritz for bringing her to us.. She's such a great girl, we really do love her very much and are so happy that you placed her with us.. Still miss Phritz alot, and make many comparisons, but Zuri is Zuri, sometimes like Phritz, but mostly like no other dog I've ever known - a truly unique little girl. "Love, Deb, Ken, and Alec"

.:: Opus ::.

Opus is lab/RR mix who was deemed not adoptable by a shelter. He turned out to be a great dog, and he found a great couple to live with who will take him running and hiking, take him to obedience classes, and love him a lot. Good boy, Opus!

.:: Oscar ::.

Oscar went to live with a lady who had extensive experience with ridgebacks, having owned two previously. They are together 24/7 and this suits Oscar just fine.

.:: Peanut ::.

When Peanut came into rescue she was an adorable bundle of puppy energy, 4 months old and 19lbs 2oz as of 12/27/06. She is probably Boxer and Ridgeback and a few other breeds mixed in. Peanut is very smart and sweet, with a very friendly nature. She found a great home where she loves to snuggle with the people, and is learning all the stuff a big dog needs to know.

.:: Penny Lane ::.

Penny Lane is an adorable mix, a Mini-RR. She was rescued from a kill shelter by a sanctuary and then transferred to rescue. Penny arrived full of fleas, which were easy to take care of, and suffering from Demodex Mange, which took months to cure. She stole everyone's heart during those months, and we were very happy that she finally found a home with a wonderful couple who will adore her, and who have lots of grandkids for her to love and play with. She is indeed a happy tail now!

.:: Pete ::.

Pete is a beautiful 2 yr old light wheaten purebred Ridgeback with a nice ridge, a beautiful head, and a sweet disposition. Some wonderful people in rural Colorado who run an all-volunteer Humane Society found Pete starved and injured. They called CRRR for help and we nursed Pete until he found a great home with a loving family and two little boys.

.:: Porter ::.

Porter has to stay in his foster home, the some place where he started out so many years ago. After seven years in one home and two attempts in other places where he was very destructive, it became apparent that he just wanted to be with the rescue coordinator and her dogs. This is where he was comfortable and felt safe. And, of course, all the negative behavior disappeared.

.:: Portia ::.

Portia found her new home with a couple and their two cats. Never having been in contact with a cat before, Portia held up nicely and pretended to be totally unafraid, although I'd wager she was quaking inside. Since the initial introduction, all seems to be well and Portia and the cats may even become friends!

.:: Radar ::.

Radar is one of 5 wonderful 6 month old puppies who were transferred to Rescue from a shelter. The mom is a purebred Redbone Hound and the dad is a purebred Rhodesian Ridgeback; they all have ridges. Radar is the only boy and is a goofy boy who does not sit still very often. He found just the right home with an active family and an eight year old girl who loves him.

.:: Rally ::.

Rally is in her forever home with a young man, his parents and sister. She was a birthday present and will go with Justin once he graduates from college in a few years. Rally and Polly, their Golden Doodle hit it off instantly and will be best buds. After a rough beginning, this enchanting little Ridgeback has found happiness.

.:: Ramble / Scramble ::.

Ramble and his brother, Scramble, were abandoned with their mother Ruby. Ruby took very good care of them but she was very thin when Good Samaritans took all of them in and called us for help. The puppies found a wonderful home together where they are learning all the things big dogs need to know and are loved very much.

.:: Raphy ::.

Raptly now lives on a large estate/Farm in Longmont with a lady, her Leonberger and horses. The dogs run and play to their hearts' content and Raphy finally gets to enjoy the life all rescue dogs are entitled to.

.:: Rocket ::.

Rocket found his forever home with a young couple and their RR/boxer in Fountain, Colorado. One of the most intelligent dogs we've known, these folks already know what a treasure they've adopted and we know they will enjoy many happy years together.

.:: Rocky ::.

Rocky is a really great guy whose loving owners sadly had to place him rescue for family reasons. We always work very hard to make sure rescue dogs go to good homes, and in Rocky's case, we all got very lucky. The people who adopted Rocky are wonderful dog parents who love him whole-heartedly, and he loves them. Plus, sometimes he gets to come visit his former foster mom! Rocky the wonder dog is a happy tail again.

.:: Rodeo ::.

Rodeo is a true success story. Arriving from TX, his past was relatively unknown as his former owners had adopted him from a shelter. His past life must have been hard as his numerous scars and missing chunks of ear would indicate. Now however, the only hardship Rodeo has to endure is being off of the couch for more than 30 minutes and to go to the park yet again.

.:: Roo ::.

Roo was adopted along with Trey and Violet (who wasn't even on our website yet!) by a wonderful couple who live on a 1000-acre ranch. All three of these dogs got to know each other while being fostered and they are great friends.

.:: Roosevelt ::.

Roosevelt found the perfect home! A young woman,an occupational therapist, living in Buena Vista, found it in her heart to provide Roose with the home of his dreams. He will be spending 24/7 with her as she visits patients and, in their free time, jogging, camping, hiking, and enjoying each other's company.

.:: Roscoe ::.

Roscoe was about 2 when he came into rescue, a beautiful, sweet, smart, well behaved jewel whose family could not take care of him. Roscoe found the perfect home with Dan, who is very dog savvy and a great dog owner. It was love at first sight on both sides, and has become a wonderful relationship between a good dog and a good man.

.:: Roscoe ::.

Roscoe is a big, cheerful mix who needed a new home due to a change in his family circumstances. He was adopted by the same great guy who adopted Odin from us a few years ago, so he is not only a lucky dog, he is a very happy tail!

.:: Roxanne (aka Roxie) ::.

Roxanne is a beautiful ridged pure bred RR. She was about two years old when she came into rescue. She is a very fit, powerful, and dominant girl, and required very RR savvy owners with lots of love. In her foster home she became very attached to the two children in the family, and became a very good girl with the family's help. Roxanne's dreams have come true - she has been adopted by her foster family! They have done so much with her and she is so happy with them, this is truly a happy tail.

.:: Ruby ::.

Ruby is a Mastif/RR mix who was found abandoned with two puppies, whom she was taking very good care of. She had some serious health problems that she was nursed through by rescue. Sweet Ruby found a wonderful home with a young couple, their 16 month old daughter, and a Boston Terrier pal! The whole family loves her and she and the little girl have a special bond. We miss her but she is where she needed to be - in a loving home!

.:: Rufio ::.

Rufio went to live with a dear friend. This is her third RR from rescue and we are so grateful to her and her family that these dogs have all enjoyed wonderful, long lives in a home filled with love.

.:: Ryssby ::.

Although Ryssby (half brother of Copper) recently turned 8, he has the spunkiness of a 1-year-old. He is a purebred ridgeless ridgeback that came to the rescue from a very loving environment, where the previous owner was forced to give them up due to a medical condition. Ryssby and Copper had been together their whole lives. They found a loving home together with a woman who has a heart big enough for both of them, and they are happy tails again.

.:: Sabrina ::.

Sabrina is a pretty girl, a Ridgeback mix with a ridge that looks like a mane because her coat is longer,like an Australian Shepherd. Her tail is docked like an Aussie also. She was a stray on a reservation, and her life was focused on survival. She came into rescue at 5 years old, and adapted to her new life with grace and good humor. She loves people and she was adopted by two women with acreage for her to chase rabbits on and lots of love to give her. That stub tail is a happy tail now.

.:: Sadie ::.

Cheers for beautiful Sadie, who was fostered for several months in a home where she was nursed through multiple surgeries due to injuries and neglect she had received in her three years of life in a puppy mill. Another wonderful foster home helped her recover from the emotional damage she had received in the puppy mill. Sadie found a forever home with an awesome couple who are able to continue leading this brave, sweet girl into her recovery and helping her learn to be a dog. We miss her, but are glad she is loved and safe.

.:: Sam ::.

Sam found his forever home with a man whose rescue from us died in June. Missing the companionship that only a dog can provide, he found Sam on our website and once they met, it was clear that there would be no more lonely days and nights for either of them.

.:: Sasha ::.

When Sweet Sasha came into rescue she had not been rehabbed after her leg was amputated. Her foster home helped her learn how to live a normal life and get around with three legs. She found the perfect home with a wonderful family that live on a ranch. Sasha has 2 lab siblings and 2 cat siblings, and she loves her new people already. She is a great companion for her new mom! UPDATE: In Memorium Sasha's family notified rescue that she had passed away due to a suddent heart attack. We were very sorry to hear the news but we are gratefull to her adoptive family for giving her the best life she had ever had.

.:: Scooby ::.

Applicants Joe and Diana initially came to meet another foster, but once they met Scooby, they knew he was the one they wanted to share their home in Glenwood Springs. It was a perfect match; they had recently lost their beloved ridgeback and Scooby had been abandoned by his family. Now, as the days go by, besides spending time with Diana in the house, Scooby accompanies Joe to his job, and joins him on fishing trips and long hikes. A happy ending indeed with mutual healing, love, and understanding.

.:: Scooter ::.

Scooter was adopted by a very loving couple who live up in the mountains. Her new dad will take her on walks around their property, and she will keep her new mom company in the house. UPDATE: rescue recived a wonderful Christmas card from Scooter's new family with pictures. She is having a great life, although she gets very upset when the bears come to rob the bird feeders!

.:: Seaboo ::.

Our beloved Seaboo found his forever family in Kansas. He is sorely missed, but has found a home filled with love, where he will be able to thrive and reach his full potential.

.:: Shilo ::.

Shilo was born 8-25-2007. We were caring for her Mom, Nell, when Nell whelped three mixed breed puppies. Nell is about 30 lbs, she appears to be a stock dog mix. She was a stray that stole our hearts. We were able to help her and her puppies although, obviously, they are not Ridgebacks. Shilo is a sweet, friendly, healthy puppy who found a wonderful home with a young couple who love her a lot!

.:: Sidney ::.

Sidney is now Wasabi. Adopted by a by a young couple with a wheaten terrier, his life will be filled with all sorts of outdoor activities, especially his favorite, swimming!

.:: Skye/Willie ::.

Skye is a RR, Beagle, Lab mix without a ridge. He is a medium size guy, maybe 50 lbs. Skye was warehoused in a backyard chainlink pen with other dogs in pens around him for most of his life. He wasn't socialized and he didn't much like people or other dogs. His foster mom had faith in him though, and sure enough, he improved enough to find the perfect home. Renamed Willie, he is living with a boy named Bobby. Below is an essay written by Bobby about his dog Willie. "MY DOG WILLIE" by Bobby: I have been scared of dogs since I was three. When I heard the story of Willie, I thought this dog is going through almost the same thing as me, only he was afraid of people. Dad had visited him before I met him. Willie was nice to me, and after a couple minutes he came and put his head on my lap. That night Dad and I decided that we had a new member of the family! Willie gets nice long walks or runs every morning. He sleeps on his nice fluffy dog beds at home and at my grandparents' house. For a special treat I let him sleep on my bed sometimes. It is a dream come true for me! Willie has changed so much since we got him. He is learning to play now, he loves to cuddle and is a very happy dog. In fact, I am a very happy boy! Willie is the best dog in the world and I'm glad the Colorado Rhodesian Ridgeback Rescue gave him a chance.

.:: Skyridge ::.

Skyridge, now known as Olivia, is a beautiful Ridgeback girl who came into rescue at 9 months old. She found a wonderful home with a vet student and a Ridgeback older brother to help show her the ropes.

.:: Sundance ::.

Sundance is a fine fellow who appears to have some Ridgeback and some Mastiff in his mix, and the great thing is that he does not drool like a Mastiff does. He was three when he came into rescue. His foster home soon found out Sundance is a very nice dog. He caught on to house training and crate training quickly. Sundance is a sweet and gentle boy, very loving and affectionate with people. He was adopted by a great couple that will love him and teach him the things like walking on a leash that he has never had experience with, and he has a Jack Russell brother that he loves to run and play with. This big sweetie deserved to be a happy tail, and now he is.

.:: Teddy ::.

Handsome, intelligent, and a total gentleman, Teddy was adopted by a wonderful home. With two dads who will take him on lots of walks, a new dog brother, and one of his dads working from home some days, Teddy will have lots of companionship and love.

.:: Tilda ::.

Tilda went to live with a couple who have a home in Las Vegas. This is a perfect match and Tilda will be able to develop into a simply incredible "Miss Personality" ridgeback!

.:: Toby ::.

Mr "sweet and waggy" Toby found a great home. He adores his new dad and follows him everywhere. He can also be found curled up on a big bed with his new doggy brother and 2 cat sisters. In Memoriam: Toby died suddenly in Sept 2007 from a fast moving lymphoma cancer. His family only got to have him for nine months but they gave him the best 9 months of his life, and they will remember him forever.

.:: Toby ::.

Toby was adopted to live out his days with a delightful couple and their three children. They've always had a special place in their hearts for the old timers, and Toby fit the bill.

.:: Tom ::.

Tom is a purebred Ridgeback, 5 years old, who was used as a stud dog and lived his life as an outside dog without much positive interaction with people. Tom was a special needs dog who needed a home with other dogs and understanding people who could help him continue learning to trust humans. He joined the pack in a loving home and continues to make progress under their care.

.:: Tommy ::.

Tommy is now the constant companion of his 14-year-old master who is spending the summer with his father in Colorado. In several weeks he will return to his home in Las Vegas and, of course, Tommy will accompany him. A better match could not have beenmade!

.:: Tootsie ::.

Tootsie is a tail wagging, kissing little girl that came to us from a kill shelter in OK. She shows some Ridgeback traits but appears predominately Yellow Lab. She is shorter than a Lab snd may also have some other mix in her, but she is 100% sweet. She was adopted by a wonderful family with a 4 month old Beagle puppy and she and the puppy were soon sleeping in the same bed. She is a Happy Tail now.

.:: Trey ::.

Trey was adopted along with Roo and Violet and went to live on a 1000-acre with a wonderful couple and their extended family!. They were all fostered together and can now continue their life together.

.:: Tucker ::.

Tucker and his new family saw each other and it was love at first sight. A retired couple, along with their senior dog, Luke, plan to spend all their time together, camping, hiking, playing and just enjoying each other's company. This gentle, loving dog could not have a better home to fulfill his remaining years.

.:: Vera ::.

Vera (now Annie) has taken over the household of a delightful retired couple who just fell in love with this old gal the minute they saw her photo. Now if they can just get her to love walks as much as she loves going for rides in the car!

.:: Walker ::.

Walker found his home with the couple that adopted Eska from us. Now he and Eska enjoy endless hours playing in a huge backyard and have become inseparable.

.:: Wiley ::.

Wiley is an adorable RR mix, about 11 months when he came into rescue. He has very unusual ears and a soft coat that is a little longer than a purebred. The crowns of his ridge stand up so it looks like he has a mane. Wiley had been on the street; he was very thin, 37lbs, and about 19 inches tall when he came into rescue. He was about 45 lbs and had grown about 2 inches when he was adopted, just from getting regular groceries! Wiley is a loving, gentle soul who needed a loving, patient person to help him overcome his shyness. He found that in a home with a wonderful woman and a doggy sister that plays with him nonstop. We are so happy for this special little boy! UPDATE: Wiley just kept on growing! He is now about 26 inches tall and 60 lbs. His new mom and doggy sister love him even more!

.:: Winston ::.

Winston now lives in Colorado Springs with an attorney, his fiancee and her son, as well as a Catahula named Catalina. They all hit it off immediately and Winston accompanies his new guardian to work every day, so they are clearly inseperable which suits Winston just fine!

.:: Zachias ::.

Zachias was adopted by a dear friend, his third dog from Ridgeback Rescue. Zac now lives the good life in Santa Fe with a beagle named Sunshine. Nothing to do but go for long walks, eat, lie in the sun, and sleep in his personal chair--he does not like dog beds! A happy ending for this very special ridgeback, and he never has to see another cat.

.:: Zeus ::.

Zeus is a handsome ridgeless mix; our vet thinks there is Boxer and Ridgeback in the mix. He was about 2 years old when he came into rescue, and knew practically nothing about manners. We found that he is an extremely powerful and strong dog even though he's not particularly large; he weighs 67 pounds. He was very willing to learn, and was adopted by a great new Dad who is strong enough and dog-savvy enough to deal with basic obedience training. Zeus is a sweet boy who deserved a loving home that would work with him, and that is the home he got. He and his new Dad are wonderful companions, and he is a happy tail now.

.:: Zula ::.

Zula is an adorable puppy who was in a pet store window, sick and neglected. We do not approve of buying puppies from pet stores under any but the most desperate situations, but Zula needed help. Our vet said if her severe bronchitis had gone untreated another day or two, she could have died. With the care of a loving foster family, Zula recovered her health and became a very friendly, sweet natured pup. Once she was spayed, she was adopted by Keith and John, a loving couple with a lot of dog experience between them. They will help her grow up knowing all the things a big dog needs to know, along with loving her lots and spoiling her rotten!